Governing Members 

Governing Members help guide our Y and encourage decisions that reflect our mission and goals. We invite you to learn more about how you can become a Governing Member for the current year below, and encourage those who are eligible to submit an application.

Governing Members play an active role within our association by helping us fulfill our mission as a charitable organization that works to build the foundations of healthy communities. Governing Members have an interest in our Y and wish to participate in a constructive manner, support our mission, and have been approved in accordance with the criteria set by the Board of Directors.

Donors who meet the Governing Member eligibility criteria must re-apply each year. To be eligible to become a Governing Member, you must answer affirmatively to all of the following statements:

  1. I am currently over 18 years of age and a resident of the National Capital Region.
  2. I have made a minimum $50 donation (on or Before December 31) in each of the previous two years.
  3. I am not an employee of the YMCA of the National Capital Region.
  1. The right to vote: You have the right to vote during The YMCA of the National Capital Region’s Annual General Meeting, to which you will be invited.
  2. The right to be informed: You will be kept informed of the work carried out throughout the year by those nominated to represent you.
  3. The right to give your opinion: You may give your opinion, make suggestions, share your thoughts, and question the evolution of the Association.

By becoming a Governing Member, you are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting where you will nominate members of the Board, verify the work carried out by the Board of Directors, and ratify the Y’s financial statements. As an ambassador of the YMCA of the National Capital Region, you will ensure our actions continue to fulfill our mission and reflect our values. A donor admitted to governing membership shall remain a Governing Member for a period of one year from the date of admission. 

If you are eligible, wish to get involved in your community, and feel that the Y’s mission and values speak to you, please complete the online application form (PDF) or call 613-237-1320 ext. 5041 if you would like to receive the application by mail. Please follow these same steps if you feel you are eligible but have not been invited to the Annual General Meeting or received our association e-newsletter.

There are no fees to become a Governing Member and membership is non-transferable. Please review the Association by-laws for more information.

2023 Application Deadline
All applications must be received no later than March 27, 2023. Thank you for your interest in our Y.

Apply Now (PDF)