Strategic Plan

Our New Path Forward

2024 has already been a pivotal year of positive change for the YMCA of the National Capital Region! We are well into our recovery after managing through the challenges of the pandemic, we have welcomed a new President and CEO, and we are poised to Shine Brighter, and Grow Stronger as we work towards our future vision.

Why a Strategic Plan?

Strategic planning helps organizations set priorities, focus energy and resources, and ensure that employees and other stakeholders work toward shared goals.

1. It outlines a clear path forward
Strategic plans are like a roadmap, clearly defining the best route for an organization to take in the years ahead. 

2. It brings a sense of focus
Strategic planning helps an organization develop goals and targets that meet community needs and encourage growth. 

​3. It keeps strengths and weaknesses at the forefront
A comprehensive strategic plan encourages an organization to identify challenges and ways to navigate through them. 

4. It engages and focuses employees
By developing clear goals and objectives, everyone in the organization has a sense of purpose and ownership. 

Our Planning Process

It is critical to engage staff and other stakeholders - including Y members, clients, donors, and residents - as we develop strategic guidelines for future growth. As part of the strategic planning process, we will be conducting:

  • 1:1 interviews with select members of senior staff.
  • 1:1 interviews with select donors and community stakeholders.
  • Staff focus groups with representation from all departments.
  • Online survey to select clients, members, residents, and donors.

Get ready to Shine: Strategic Plan Launch in 2025

We will keep this webpage updated as we move through our strategic planning process. We cant wait to Shine Brighter, and Grow Stronger, together!

Have questions or want to share your vision for the YMCA in the National Capital Region? Reach out via: