Y Story | Maria

“I came into this program with the misconception that it would solve all my problems; what it did was so much more valuable. I learned different tools and techniques to help me move through my stresses, and live a much easier life.”


Y Mind Youth (Virtual)

When Maria began looking at the Y’s health and fitness schedules for a place to play basketball in the winter, she never imagined she’d come across a mental wellness program that would change her life. She had participated in Y programs in the past, but nothing beyond physical fitness classes. Recently diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder and looking for ways to help her cope with every day stresses and challenges, she decided to explore the Y Mind program further.

Y Mind offers support for those who are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety or stress. Through online and in-person sessions, this free program provides an opportunity for participants to meet and connect with peers who are experiencing similar thoughts and feelings. Despite feeling uncertain whether or not the program would be a good fit for her, Maria decided to take a chance and submit an online application form. Shortly after, and with little to no expectations, she began attending Y Mind Youth virtual program sessions.

Though the program never felt like a commitment to Maria, she did face some challenges early on. The biggest roadblock was overcoming the self-imposed idea that this program would solve all her problems. Maria participated fully and learned that the resources and tools provided in the program were intended to help participants confront issues, not solve them. By the time the program wrapped up, Maria had learned a variety of ways to cope better in various situations, and it became easier for her to find ways of moving forward and through her challenges.

Maria, along with her friends and family, have noticed a huge shift in the way she copes with anxiety. Completing the Y Mind program has positively impacted her life and has helped her become much more accepting of herself, her feelings, and how other people express emotions.

“Y Mind helped me gain new ways of thinking about my stress and anxiety. I’ve learned so much from this program and the instructors, I’m able to use my experience to help my peers as well.” - Maria


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