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As an inclusive organization, the Y helps children, youth, adults and families of all backgrounds achieve personal success in a safe and supportive environment.

Read how the Y is impacting people in the National Capital Region.

Amira and Maja, Y Second Stage Housing Program for Youth

At the ages of 18 and 19, sisters Amira and Maja made the difficult decision to leave their family to pursue dreams of higher education and opportunity beyond their home country in the Middle East. With big ambitions and a little apprehension, they flew to Canada, ready to work towards brighter futures.

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Cheryl Davis,
TRY Supportive Housing Program for Women 

Not long ago Cheryl Davis was a regular Ottawa resident, enjoying a full life and working at a job she loved. But things changed quite suddenly once she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cheryl focused her energy on getting well, and as time went on and treatments took their toll, she was unable to continue working.

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Carina Urbani, Y Family Shelter

I was starting my last year of high school when things started to unravel at home. After returning to Ottawa from a stay out west, my parents couldn’t find a place to live. For a while we stayed with family members, but we soon found ourselves with nowhere to go.

That’s when we found the Y. My mom, dad and I lived in the Y’s Family Shelter while I finished school and my parents worked towards finding a permanent home.

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The Blodgett Family, Y Licensed Child Care 

Having quality, affordable child care can make a huge difference in a family’s life, as Sherri and Andrew Blodgett know well.

Their daughter, Paetyn, 4, has Autism Spectrum Disorder, which affects her ability to communicate and interact with other people. The family works regularly with speech and occupational therapists to help Paetyn learn and grow.

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Yousef Riyati, Y Active Assist

Yousef Riyati and his family know firsthand how Y donors can change lives.

As a busy mom with 5 kids, Zienab Shehadeh knew that her children would benefit from being active and spending time with other kids their age. The cost of enrolling everyone in sports and community programs was simply out of reach, so Zienab turned to the Y for help. 

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Jawahir Ismail, Y Employment Access Centre

The future’s bright for Jawahir Ismail, but it hasn’t always been so easy.

As a mother of eight, she knows the meaning of hard work, and has put her heart and soul into raising her family in a safe and healthy environment. Jawahir also knows that education and career are part of being a good role model and crucial elements in her ability to provide for her family.

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Dou'ale Roble, Y Second Stage Youth Housing Program

Dou’ale arrived in Ottawa on his 17th birthday. Born and raised in Somalia, he spent his childhood under constant threat from gunfire and civil war. His mother sent him to Ottawa to keep him safe in January of 2011.

The first six months in Ottawa were difficult. Dou’ale was isolated and lonely; he was struggling to adjust to life in Canada while learning a new language. But all that changed when he came to the Y.

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