Y Story | Cheryl Davis

"The TRY program is powerful and unique."

Cheryl Davis

TRY Supportive Housing Program for Women

Not long ago Cheryl Davis was a regular Ottawa resident, enjoying a full life and working at a job she loved. But things changed quite suddenly once she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Cheryl focused her energy on getting well, and as time went on and treatments took their toll, she was unable to continue working.

After a successful surgery 1 1/2 years ago, Cheryl was given a clean bill of health and considered a cancer survivor. With no income, and now struggling with mental health issues, Cheryl found herself homeless.

It’s been more than 7 months since Cheryl came to live at the Y with the TRY Supportive Housing Program for Women, and since then, her life has taken a complete turn. With caring staff and access to the services she needs to thrive, Cheryl has found a place where she is able to heal fully and work towards her goals of gaining stability and living independently.

“The TRY program is powerful and unique,” says Cheryl.

For Cheryl, and so many other women, the TRY program means hope and a new beginning.

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