Member Etiquette

The YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region is a shared experience for everyone to enjoy. 

Each of us can make it better for all by being considerate to others. Y members, staff and volunteers pledge to treat one another with respect and dignity. The Y reserves the right to suspend or cancel a membership at its sole discretion for inappropriate behaviour, or failure to comply with the Etiquette Statement as outlined in our Membership Terms and Conditions (PDF).

To help you in achieving a pleasant and safe experience please be informed of the following expectations:

  • Appropriate language and behaviour is expected at all times.
  • In all physical activity areas, beverages must be contained in a sealed plastic container.
  • Appropriate athletic footwear and exercise clothing is required when doing physical exercise.
  • Please respect the scent free policy of the Y.
  • Please be respectful when using a cell phone in Y facilities.
  • No recording of any type (including photo, video, audio) while in any Y Health and Fitness facility or program without express permission from Y Management.

Conditioning Floor:

  • Plates and dumbbells are to be returned to designated places or positions on racks.
  • Sanitizing stations are located throughout the conditioning floor. Always disinfect equipment after use.
  • Gym bags are not permitted on the floor. A small mesh bag can be used for personal fitness accessories.
  • We all count on each other to share equipment, especially between sets.
  • Exercises are to be performed in a controlled manner.
  • Dropping of dumbbells and plates is not permitted.

Need more information?

Our Membership Service Centre staff can assist you with any questions you have about Y memberships. Please contact us at 343-804-0720, or via